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Dakota Workshop

I didn’t do this layout the way I usually do.  I used two paper packets of Dakota (itemX7157B) and the Foil Stickease (item X7157C).  Nicki bought the Workshop on the Go and I borrowed her stamp for the star and the ticket used on the Whisper backgrounds.  There are quite a few pieces cut on the Cricut on these layouts.   I will be glad to do the cutting for you.  I added one Crystal Blue Cardstock rather than have a gray flower.  But I did use all of my little print so you would need to send me a piece of yours or wait until I see you later this year.


The 1st two layouts are from the Workshop on the Go instructions.   The Whisper layouts (LOs) are time consuming.  They aren’t hard but it took me five hours to finish these.  I followed the directions from the Workshop on the Go (WOTG) for the Whisper LOs.  I added a black swoosh from the Sparkles Black Flourishes (item Z1745).   I used the Foil Stickease (item X7157C) border on this LO instead of the zip strip recommended in the directions.  I added a ¼” white mat behind my pictures because my backgrounds were all dark and I thought I needed the contrast.  The metal accents are from the Pacifica mini-medleys from the Spring/Summer campaign.  The free spirit circle is from the directions and I will mail that to you.   The Black and Silver circle is from the Foil Stickease.LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I must not have placed my flowers exactly where I needed them because my pictures, star, and ticket didn’t  fit where they were placed in the instructions.  I added white matting behind my pictures on this side too.  I used two Foil Stickers from the stickease and the sayings came from the Clementine packet.



The second two page LO is made on a Black background.  I did not ink the edges any of these LOs.  I used a 7 ¾” x 12” big print piece to start the background.  I added a 4” x 12” horizontal strip 2” from the bottom.  The cowboy zip strip is about ½” from the bottom of the paisley print.  The first picture is 4” x 6” from the left.  The lower picture is 4” x 4” placed ¼” from the upper picture.  The second picture is ¼” from the top of the zip strip and ¼” from the other two pictures.  The Happy Trails Badge is  from the Wranger Assortment (item Z1780) is centered under the inside picture.  I placed two pearl accents one on each side of the badge.  I sponged the word “exploring”, from the Houndstooth Alphabet (item Z1779) with Barn Red ink.  The “E” is the only letter on this page.


The second half begins by adding a 4 ¼” x 12” strip of the big print.  I added a 4” x 12”  horizontal strip to match the other side.  The other cowboy zip strip was added on the paisley strip to match the other side.  The picture on the black cardstock is a 5” x 7” picture.  You could also  use a 4” x 6” picture and add some embellishments or a subtitle.  The ‘xploring part of exploring is  spaced to match in with the “E” on the other side.  The bottom 4” x 6” is ¼” on all 4 sides.  The top picture is 4” x 4”.


This set of layouts also has black cardstock bases.  The gray board BT duo is 11” x 11”.  The barn red small print vertical strip is 5” x 12”  placed in 1” from the left edge of the paper.  The letters I used are 2″ for the lower case letters and the upper case letters came out larger.  The letters are cut from Pacifica Cardstock.  I used ¼” mat around the 4” x 6” picture on this page.  Half way down I used the striped ribbon, from the blue assortment, to split the page.  There is supposed to be another 4” x 6” picture on the bottom half of the page.  A 1 ¾” square is under the Pacifica square.  The square and the other clip on the side of the picture are also from the Pacifica Mini-medleys.  I need to add a title and something to the bottom of this layout but I haven’t thought of anything yet.  I cut a circle from the left over big circle BT duos.. I used some small foil stickease to decorate the circle.  Hopefully I will get the picture updated next week.


Page two the gray BT duo is 11” x 10 ½”.  It is placed up against the left edge of the paper and ½” down from the top.  The ribbon is matched up with the other side.  The Houndstooth Letters are sponged with black ink and starts approximately 1” from the left.  I used a blue circle cut from the left over paper, a resist pattern circle sponged with Barn Red ink.  The blue square is from the Pacifica mini-medleys with a square brad placed in the middle.  You could use any embellishments to match your pictures.  This size has the two  4“ x 6” pictures described on the matching side.


The last set of layouts begins with Pacifica backgrounds.  Each of the pictures is bordered with ¼” Barn Red Cardstock.  I used cork letters colored with Barn Red ink to match the matting.  The Indian zip strip is used to start a layer of pieces.  It is placed ¾” from the bottom of the paper.   A 1” x 12”strip of paisley is used next.  The last strip is a 1” x 12” strip of striped BT duo.  The barbed wire foil stickease is used near the bottom of this strip.  The edges of this pair are edged with black ink.  The top 4” x 6” picture is about 1/2’” from the top and ¼” from the sides.


The papers on the other side are layered the same as the left side.  The “title” is really more like journalling on this layout.  You could also use one more 4″ x 4″ picture on this page and use a traditional title.   I just didn’t have any other pictures to use.  


I have quite a bit of paper left because I bought two paper packets.  I also made eight layouts this way.  This paper worked out really well for Colorado pictures and it’s easy to picture it with guy pictures too.  Have fun using your photos with these layouts.  I have all of the stamps that coordinate with this paper so if you purchase your papers from me I will be glad to stamp and cut pieces for you on the Cricut.  Just e-mail me at for help.  Have fun creating these layouts for your November projects.



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